Bridging Swedish Technology to the World

Birka BioBridges AB

Birka BioBridges scan the world for needs of medical products or sevices, as well as for innovative ideas.
We identify the suitable Swedish suppliers and thereby connect the right supplier to the suitable distributor.


We do it the opposite way!

We break the traditional rules of marketing, by starting the process from the step of identifying a potential need for a product, within a specific market. Birka BioBridges focus on the MENA-Region (Middle East & North Africa) during the 2014, while our business area of interest knows no limitations. First, once the need is confirmed and validated, we search for a Swedish supplier, to match a suitable distributor, as a future business partner.

Our main field of business is Life Science products and services, Medical infrastructure and hygiene management.

Birka BioBridges News

 August 7th 2013